Taoist Alchemy: Pictures

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Neijing tu    Neijing tu (Chart of the Inner Warp)

A famous chart that represents the human body following the course of the Neidan practice.

Xiuzhen tu    Xiuzhen tu (Chart for the Cultivation of Reality)

A Neidan chart of the chart of the body that underscores cosmological elements.

Qian and Kun    Qian and Kun

Qian (☰) and Kun (☷), the male and female principles.

Dragon and Tiger    Dragon and Tiger

Dragon and Tiger joining their essences in the alchemical tripod.

Xuanpin    Xuanpin (Mysterious-Female)

The xuanpin is an emblem of the conjunction of the male and female principles.

Qian and Kun    The Child

The Child, a common representation of the Elixir in Taoist Internal Alchemy.

Yellow Court    The Yellow Court

A chart of the symbolic center of the human being.

Chart of the Fire Phases    Chart of the Fire Phases

A chart drawn in the year 1284, showing correspondences among spatial directions and temporal cycles.

Neidan    Neidan Emblems

Human figure surrounded by emblems associated with Yin and Yang and the five agents (wuxing).

Body as mountain    The Body as a Mountain

The human body represented as a mountain.