The Golden Elixir Quote of the Week (Index)

Golden Elixir Quote of the Week

Qian and Kun, Kan and Li

Qian ☰ the firm and Kun ☷ the yielding
join and embrace one another;
Yang endows, Yin receives,
the masculine and the feminine attend one to the other.
Attending, they create and transform,
unfolding their Essence and Breath.

Kan ☵ and Li ☲ are at the fore:
their radiance and glow come down and spread out.
Mysterious and obscure, this can hardly be fathomed
and cannot be pictured or charted.
The sages gauged its depth;
one with it, they set forth its foundation.

These four, in indistinction,
are right within Empty Non-Being.
Sixty hexagrams revolve around them,
outspread like a chariot.
Harnessing a dragon and a mare,
the bright noble man holds the reins of time.

In harmony there are following and compliance:
the path is level and begets no evil.
Evil ways obstruct and hamper:
they endanger the kingdom.

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