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Weng Baoguang on the Realized State

"When the nine-year practice is concluded, in its non-doing, one's Nature is of its own perfect, and in its formlessness, one's Spirit is of its own wondrous. When Spirit is wondrous, its transformations are inexhaustible, and its states of manifestation and non-manifestation are unfathomable. When Nature is perfect, its wisdom illuminates all directions, and in its being numinous and pervasive, it can suffer no damage.

Therefore one can can divide one's being into a myriad beings that manifest themselves in limitless ways, while one's own body of utmost reality dwells in the realm of utmost quiescence, silent and ceaselessly abiding in non-doing. This is because one's Nature, one's Spirit, one's form, and one's existence are joined in their reality with the reality of the Dao."


Weng Baoguang (fl. 1173), Wuzhen zhizhi xiangshuo sansheng biyao (Straightforward Directions and Detailed Explanations on Awakening to Reality and on the Secret Essentials of the Three Vehicles)

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