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Golden Elixir Quote of the Week

Wang Jie on the Mirror for Compounding the Medicine (Ruyao jing)

As I look at the eighty-two verses in the Mirror for Compounding the Medicine by Master Cui, their words are simple, but their meaning is complete: they encompass the entire essence of all the books on the Elixir. Not being ashamed of my limited views, I have have added notes at the end of each of set of four verses, following the oral teachings of my master. I entirely reveal the mysterious mechanism, and am an eye for humans and deities. In the future, those who have the same commitment as mine should read them and ponder over them with attention. Assuredly, "Spirit will reveal itself, and the Heart will awaken": there can be no doubt about this

Some, instead, will say that my commentary is not trustworthy. But even then, the words of master Cui should be regarded as truthful. If you rely on them and put them into practice, if you trust them and follow them, you will entirely transform yourself. Then all the possibilities of the learning of the Immortals will be accomplished.

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