The Golden Elixir Quote of the Week (Index)

Golden Elixir Quote of the Week

Nourishing Inner Nature

Innerly nourish yourself,
serene and quiescent in Empty Non-Being.
Going back to the fundament conceal your light,
and innerly illuminate your body.

"Shut the openings"(1)
and raise and strengthen the Numinous Trunk;
as the three luminaries sink into the ground,(2)
warmly nourish the Pearl.

"Watching, you do not see it"(3)
it is nearby and easy to seek.



(1) Daode jing (Book of the Way and Its Virtue), sec. 52: "Shut the openings, close the gates, and to the end of your life you will not toil. Unlock the openings, meddle with affairs, and to the end of your life you will not attain salvation."

(2) The three luminaries are the ears, the eyes, and the mouth; they are the "openings" mentioned above, and represent the sense organs.

(3) Daode jing, sec. 14: "Watching, you do not see it: it is called invisible. Listening, you do not hear it: it is called inaudible. Grasping, you do not get it: it is called imperceptible."

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